Mother: An Ode to the Nature

She has always been here radiating the love she has been so often denied.

A force of light, a source of pride

Overcoming fear

Her womb overflows with the sea of immortality

Always giving more than she is given

Tainted by circumstance

Even her diminished self finds reason to praise and be praised

She is the essence of mid-day

Encompassing all each day has to offer

Lights and sounds

She is mother to us all

From the days we part ways to the ending in which we return to her.


No Greater

I never have too much to say until I reach you.

You allow my out-pour without demand or condition.

You soak in my past lives and my present. You are my gift.

You hear me with your soul, not your earthly perceptions.

My soul reached out and you embraced it without question.

You fueled me, you calmed me. You put me first.

You gave me a chance to be selfish without judgement.

I cringe at the memories in which I forgot you but you forgave me and let me find myself.

You forgave me and let me fly.

I’ve never known a greater love.


You are, You are, You are Me,

I am the sky, the land, the fish in the sea.

I am my companion, my lover

I am Him, He is Me.

I am salt, I am light, I am space

just as the tears rolling down my face.

How real I feel now that I see

all at once what it is to be Me.

Heaven on Earth

Do what you will and spill your mind on the floors of passerbyers

Provide what they sought through transmission beams and hanger wires

Filter your thoughts through a pen to scribble their answers

Prance and dance in high traffic for potential glancers

Lift your voice with a sound of deliverance

Extend your hand to heal and except her repentance

Speak his secrets, reveal the truth of the soul

Die in light,

For heaven you truly know.




She sits as the onset rises

Welling up in her loins like a flood until it rolls down her eyes like the leaves of a willow

Memories invade with definitions at a loss

She scoffs at her outpour 

No consolation to be had. No one to say “sorry”

No words could undo the damage but it will pass

For now.

{This is a poem dedicated to those who battle depression, like myself, and cannot always find the words to explain the experience as it is happening. It is often more complex than this. However, this is a depiction of my usual experience when I find myself on that slippery slope.}