2019 Blood Wolf Moon Aftermath

Sunday, January 20th, brought us our first full moon of the year and it came with embellishments. Luna in Leo, was a beautiful blood red and relatively close in proximity to the earth making it a super moon at that.

Luna encouraged the lion in all of us to roar in one way or another. For some, that might have been troublesome depending on what’s going in our lives right now and how we chose to be expressive. The stars are positioning themselves in a way to push us to seek healing in the deepest places of our being so we can transcend beyond the places in which we have been stuck all this time.

I pulled a tarot with the intention of having these recent occurrences explained and gaining clarity on how to move forward. Watch the video below for to see the reading:

What challenges have you faced or are you facing since the Blood Moon?

Welcoming the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Full moons are already an exciting time as energies are intensified and intentions set during the previous new moon might be coming into fruition. On July 27, 2018, we will experience an even more exciting time as it will also be the day of the longest total lunar eclipse of the century! It is predicted that as the Earth becomes positioned between the sun and moon, it will bend the light of the sun onto the moon which will give it a red-ish tent, hence the name “Blood Moon”.

As the people of ancient times recognized July as the month during which the male deer antlers would begin to show, its full moon has been dubbed the “Buck Moon.”

On a personal note, full moons are always exciting as, in my spiritual practice, it is a time of amplified energy. It is perfect for expressing gratitude and transmuting vibrations for my greater good. Typically, full moons gets flack for bringing out the worst in people but that is only true when people are unaware or unskilled in harnessing the abundant energy in the air. This moon is particularly special as it falls on my husband’s birthday! I won’t even get on how awesome it is that he is turning 29 which equals 11 in numerology, indicating a time of newness and leadership – towards which he admitted to already feeling more inclined …okay, so I guess I couldn’t help but mention it (lol).

I also find significance in the color red as it represents love and friendship. We have already made plans to make good use of this energy by him setting intention for this new life chapter, as well as spending time with each other and a friend with whom we have just reunited with. I think it is special how that has happened just in time. This moon is in Aquarius, giving us all the “save the world” vibes which is great, too. However, I’m considering the second Mercury retrograde this year is occurring simultaneously so I’m also exercising caution.

In addition to this, a magick bath is in order. July 2018 has been particularly trying for me on all levels. Between work and family, I was surrounded by drama. My depression reared its ugly head and I was struggling to stay spiritually attuned. Luckily for me, I was able to realize there was a reason for these obstacles so I sought to deal with my demons and overcome. I finally made it over the hump and could use a cleanse for going into a new month and energetic space.

I’m ready for the next phase.

New Moon in Gemini

Every time I think of Geminis, I’m reminded of an old friend I grew up with from middle school through college. In many ways he was the stereotype of having split personalities around people and issues. On one hand, he was one of the most thoughtful and caring persons I’ve known. On the other, he had a quick mind and a sharp tongue, carrying no qualms about criticizing. He was outspoken and never too tied up in his emotions about anything. Yet, he knew exactly who he was and rarely, if ever, showed fear regarding how others perceived him. He was equal parts mature and childlike, often the life of the party and always had something witty to say. I envied and respected him for these traits. Luckily for all of us, we get to take part in this energy!

The new moon is in Gemini and it is a great time to formulate new ideas and take on tasks in communication. As new moons represent new beginnings, this moon is welcoming changes in the way we communicate with our partners in business and romance; maybe even with ourselves. New ventures in media may be opportune at this time, or at least to be in the head space for proper planning. It is also a good time for safe travel – in spite of the the summer storms some of us may be experiencing regionally.

As for wellness, Gemini energy is ideal for healing the body parts we often use to communicate such as the arms, hands and the lungs. I recommend exercises by Donna Eden which helps move energy throughout the body, including the arms and hands. I also recommend a breathwork exercise, 100 Breaths to Joy by Judith Kravitz. Both of which can be found online, namely YouTube. They have been awesome additions to my regular self-care routine.

However you choose to manifest newness at this time, I wish you the best! Share your newness and suggested routines in the comment section. Namaste.