Springing Into Change: Spring Equinox and the Libra Full Worm Moon

2019 has proven to be pretty eventful astrologically and the excitement is only just beginning. We are currently on the tail end of our first Mercury retrograde of the year as we transition into a new zodiacal year accompanied by a super full moon.

The dark period of winter is finally floating away as we enter the new season. Spring Equinox falls on March 20th, 2019 during which there will be equal parts day and night. For those who have had their foot in shadow work recently may easily see the message of integration – to embrace the light and dark aspects of ourselves fully. However, I’m sure most of us will appreciate the psychophysiological benefits of increased sunshine coming our way.

The Mercury retrograde in Pisces may have caused some emotional upheaval in the areas of communication but the Libra full moon will encourage us to start cleaning some things up. Libra, ruled by Venus, is all about harmonious relationships and the appreciation of all things beautiful. This is a great time to learn how to clearly and effectively express our feelings, listen more, and set proper boundaries with our associates and loved ones if necessary.

Also, we can learn a thing or two from the earthworm for which this full worm moon is named for. The spiritual essence of this creature is hardworking and diligent, able and willing to go to the necessary depths that many others may not,or cannot, in order to get things done. For those who follow moon cycles as a spiritual practice, full moons are a perfect for implementing release rituals. These rituals help us move beyond old thinking and behaviors that no longer serve us. The Libra full moon is ideal for letting go of the toxic thoughts and behaviors that have hindered us in relationships with others and ourselves. In addition to a release ritual, I also find it helpful to do a card reading for what to expect up until the following new moon.

Spring Equinox Tarot Reading by Brittney Shawnee’

Aries being the first sign of the zodiac, we can expect new beginnings as we tend to in the spring season. Flowers are beginning to bloom and the life forms that took rest during the cold months are coming alive again. We could use this time to start a new garden, plan a new outdoor workout routine or view this as a new chapter (or proverbial season) in our spiritual journey after having survived the darkest hours. There are no limits.

Tap into your inner desires and get creative! Namaste.

Taurus Full Moon & Venus-Uranus Opposition Reading October 2018

I am usually pretty introspective already but the current energy in the air is calling me to take a look at who I am and what I desire in terms in interrelations. Taurus moon makes it a great time to get grounded and centered. This make take a lot of discipline as our stubbornness may get in the way, however, our stubbornness may be exactly the thing to help make us clear about what we want out of life.

Venus, the brightest star in the heavens, represents beauty, magnetism, money and love. Our interrelationships are affected by the positions of this planet as it amplifies and makes us take notice of our desires be they material or personal. In its current retrograde state, meaning that it appears to be orbiting backwards in relation to the surrounding bodies, we are being forced to take a step back and look at our lives from a new perspective – especially in the areas of romance and finance. Fortunately and unfortunately, this can mean a rise of impatience as we become more clear about what we want from our partners, ourselves and the world around us.

To top it off, Uranus is making its way in opposition to Venus. Uranus is the planet of independence, spiritual growth and eccentricity. It represents innovative progression and rebellion against the status quo. As opposing positions tend to mark a time of conflict for the sake of progress, Uranus is adding to our being pushed toward seeing our situations in a new light. Upheaval is often necessary for healing and forward movement and as full moons are a time for release, we should take note of what we can change in order to make steps towards our desired future.

Aries Full Moon & Autumn Equinox 2018

The September full moon cycle begins today moving out of Pisces in part (97-98%) into Aries in full (99-100%). Goals and plans set into motion with the prior new moon in Virgo are reaching the next steps now with ideas finally coming together or a heightened sense of urgency around any slow progressions. As full moon energy tends to illuminate what we have yet to address in our lives emotionally, we will be reaping the work we have put in, or lack thereof, for our betterment thus far. In conjunction with the Autumn Equinox, darker aspects of the inner Self that continue to go unfaced will cause uneasiness for us as long as not accepted and integrated into our being with balance. “Equinox” means equal night, referring to the equal parts of day and night that occur on the first day of the fall season.

Pisces lunar energy is fantastic and employs our imaginative and intuitive nature. The need to seek spiritual enhancement is increased, especially for those born with the moon in Pisces. Although this energy will linger, internal gears will soon be shifted into a more youthful nature. Aries energy carries a sense of foolish innocence that benefits our adventurous spirits when embarking on something new. Anxiousness around the mystery of new beginnings and next phases can grant us the enthusiasm that drives us forward. However, if we have failed to heal the pain from the past, that anxiety can quickly turn on us accompanied by maniacal thoughts of “what if?”.

The key now is trust. Caution is useful as long as we are not erring on the side of paranoia. Discern who are true friends and supporters in your corner and allow them to assist you in your goal-reaching. Intuition and discernment, like other skills, will become refined when used regularly, starting with self-trust. Logic is important but much like The Fool of tarot, optimism is critical. Pursue what excites you and soak in the journey! In the words of Gary Vaynerchuck, “Passion is an unmatech fuel.”