Hi! I’m Brittney, a Holistic Health Specialist who uses a number of tools to help myself and others on the pursuit of wholeness. The life mission I have set for myself is to lead the way for the generational healing my bloodline needs, to always take on opportunities to improve myself, and to be the best support I can possibly be to anyone who needs it. I admit that most days are not easy and some days I wonder how I could possibly go on but my desire for universal wholeness is too great to let me rest. So here I am!

A bit of background: I’m a California girl with southern roots currently residing in the Midwest. Highly inspired by my late great-grandmothers, to whom I still feel close, I discovered a passion for healing as well as deep, loving personal connections. With them, I tended to my first garden for food, created my first natural remedy and learned how to serve others. Although I did not fully understand it before, I am happy to have realized these moments were staples for who I would become – a lover of knowledge and wisdom, a wife, and a healer.

I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Xavier University of Louisiana where I also so happen to have met the love of my life. After graduating, I moved to Missouri where I began an intense spiritual journey and eventually married the love of my life. I eventually earned a license in Massage Therapy and certification in Energy Medicine through which I continued my self-discovery. I now use all of these tools in my practice and am constantly learning and developing more.

If you are one who is on the pursuit of a healthier, happier life and is interested in any of my services, please contact me. I also welcome you to explore my blog for anything you think may be helpful on your journey. Subscribe to my social pages for general tarot readings, yoga challenges and specials on services. Feel free to message me on any platform to inquire about appointments. Let’s do this healing work together!