Bringing tidbits and lessons from my own journey to be of help to you on yours.

My challenges with anxiety, depression, women’s health and relationships led to me to explore natural and holistic ways to heal. I have since become a healer, teacher, better friend and wife. I am forever a student of life and the Spirit.

July 2021 Forecast & Self-Care Tips

Here we are. Already more than half way through 2021 and so much has unfolded thus far. Time flies when your raising your vibration! WE’RE IN A 5 YEAR The numerological theme of 2021 is 5. We gather this by adding all the digits of the year together. Five represents change and our ability to […]

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Yoga-Triggered: Pasasana

I am a member of a Facebook group dedicated to black women who practice yoga. A community space in which we get to share our collectively unique thoughts, opinions and experiences of our demographic living in a society that primarily markets this South Asian practice to thin white women. And while our cultural experiences are […]

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My 2020 in a Nutshell

Teacher certification. Collaborating. Misunderstandings. Severed connections. A birthday at the top of a global pandemic. Lockdowns. Social Distancing. No work. New creative ideas. Diagnoses. A surgery. New medications. Shadow work. Heartbreak. Therapy. Brink of divorce. Losing friends. Death of family. New job. New friends. New opportunities. Reconnections. Yoga. Self Care. Bodywork. Healing retreats. Back slides. […]

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Wellness Wake Up Challenge

I am excited to announce that I will be collaborating with a few awesome ladies this winter to present a 6-week virtual program that will assist all participants with achieving their wellness goals as we enter the new year! 2020 has been rather stressful and a more unpredictable year than most. That is why we […]

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