Aries Full Moon & Autumn Equinox 2018

The September full moon cycle begins today moving out of Pisces in part (97-98%) into Aries in full (99-100%). Goals and plans set into motion with the prior new moon in Virgo are reaching the next steps now with ideas finally coming together or a heightened sense of urgency around any slow progressions. As full moon energy tends to illuminate what we have yet to address in our lives emotionally, we will be reaping the work we have put in, or lack thereof, for our betterment thus far. In conjunction with the Autumn Equinox, darker aspects of the inner Self that continue to go unfaced will cause uneasiness for us as long as not accepted and integrated into our being with balance. “Equinox” means equal night, referring to the equal parts of day and night that occur on the first day of the fall season.

Pisces lunar energy is fantastic and employs our imaginative and intuitive nature. The need to seek spiritual enhancement is increased, especially for those born with the moon in Pisces. Although this energy will linger, internal gears will soon be shifted into a more youthful nature. Aries energy carries a sense of foolish innocence that benefits our adventurous spirits when embarking on something new. Anxiousness around the mystery of new beginnings and next phases can grant us the enthusiasm that drives us forward. However, if we have failed to heal the pain from the past, that anxiety can quickly turn on us accompanied by maniacal thoughts of “what if?”.

The key now is trust. Caution is useful as long as we are not erring on the side of paranoia. Discern who are true friends and supporters in your corner and allow them to assist you in your goal-reaching. Intuition and discernment, like other skills, will become refined when used regularly, starting with self-trust. Logic is important but much like The Fool of tarot, optimism is critical. Pursue what excites you and soak in the journey! In the words of Gary Vaynerchuck, “Passion is an unmatech fuel.”

Using the Virgo New Moon Vibes for Wellness

It is likely you have already been experiencing effects of the onsetting new moon in Virgo this month. The zodiacal Virgo is typically represented by the image of a female virgin sometimes wearing or handling plant life. As one of the three earth signs, Virgo energy encourages us to embrace nature and to get in touch with our nurturing side. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury which is associated with how we communicate and relate to others. When harnessed successfully, Virgo energy also helps us become more mindful of how we take care of our mental and physical bodies.

Since new moons are an opportunity to make changes in our lives, it would serve us well to start building new habits to establish the life that each of us desires. Here are a few ways we can use utilize the new moon in Virgo energy for creating a healthy lifestyle:


As the Virgo zodiac corresponds with gut health and the digestive system, this would be a great time to begin a cleanse. Fasting has been scientifically proven to improve physical stamina and mental clarity. Spiritual leaders over history embarked on long meditative journies in which they limited their substance intake to strictly water, or even nothing at all. Of course, these are extreme. However, there are other cleansing diet options that are also beneficial to overall health; it’s all about what works best for you!

I have recently begun a fast myself in which I primarily consume fruits and vegetables in smoothie form. The intake of natural foods is in proper alignment with the current energy as Virgo corresponds with the earth element. I allow myself one solid meal a day along with one cup of tea or coffee and a light snack (usually a handful of almonds or celery with hummus). Just after one week, I have experienced a number of changes including more energy throughout my day, deeper meditation, and even some weight loss.


The virgin represents purity and simplicity. It is likely that all that may have accumulated with summer fun crossing over with “back-to-school” vibes, there could be some disorder and/or a sense of anxiety. This new moon may be urging you to clear out the things you no longer need in order to create space for the things you could use. Give away that 10-year-old blouse in the back of your closet that you never wear, scrapbook those photos using most of the space in your camera phone, file those receipts that you’ll need for tax session.

My husband and I purchased several pieces of art over the last few years that have been sitting around unframed until recently. I finally decided to put my foot down and find a place for them. Now that they are up, my home feels tidier and, virtually, more complete which brings me peace as I am a firm believer that my home space is a reflection of me.


If you have considered participating in community service, now is a good time to roll up your sleeves! Get into that mindset of selflessness. This contribution can be something as huge as building a home in for those victimized by a natural disaster and feeding the homeless, or as small as treating your co-worker to lunch or giving your spouse a foot rub at the end of a long day. Like the virgin, give the best parts of yourself without expecting anything in return. Whether or not you believe in karma, you may notice it pay off for you in one way or another, be it someone returning the favor or simply a boost in how you feel about yourself. Helping others does well for your mental health!

Have you noticed some changes in your thoughts and feelings with this new moon energy? What are some ways you are using it to better yourself? Share in the comments below! Namaste.


Reacquainted with Wanderlust

My mother heavily ingrained the love for travel in me. She dragged me across the states for vacations and events. It helped that I had family all of the country growing up which allowed me to become familiar with different ways of life and various things to explore and participate in. In fact, I found that it felt quite unnatural to not have places to go or something to do for extended periods of time after I moved to Missouri and set on the path of adulthood. I did get to travel on a rare occasion but certain circumstances made the experiences less than what it could have been. However, my most recent trip sparked something inside of me I almost forgot was there.

Roughly a month ago, I was attending a family reunion for my mother’s father’s side. The trip began with a flight to Los Angeles, my hometown, where my husband and I stayed overnight at my grandparents’ home. The following morning, I and 6 other family members took a road trip to Las Vegas, where the official family reunion was held. On the way, I got to see the sunrise over the desert mountains. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for mountains which I appreciate more now that I am no longer around them on a daily basis. There’s something about them that almost creates a spiritual experience for me when I see them. It felt near heavenly being out on the open road surrounded by nature and good company.


In spite of the normal familial drama and the angst that happens when you travel with a group of people between the ages of 11 to 88, I really enjoyed the best of what the trip had to offer.

My folks used to have a timeshare in Las Vegas years ago so I’ve been there many times growing up. However, my immediate family is most certainly composed of creatures of habit so we were likely to do the same things every time we went. To be honest, I’m not terribly different on my own, however, this time I decided to add a twist to my beloved activities. I visited the rides atop the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino but I followed it with a really strong beverage from Fat Tuesday and placed a bet on a sports team with my husband for the first time. I walked around the Paris Hotel but rode the Eiffel Tower in the heat of the day when I could see the day parties and hear the music blasting. My husband and I love Asian cuisine and found ourselves thrilled when we had some of the best Asian fusion food at Yong Kang Street Dumpling & Noodle House afterward. I was reminded of how much I love to go and do and help others do the same!

In result, I have decided to share more of my travel and outing experiences, both local and beyond. Readers also now have access to some great travel and attraction deals on my Out & About travel site. I welcome all to share their booking experiences in the comment section and, who knows, maybe I will see you out and about!