Welcoming the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Full moons are already an exciting time as energies are intensified and intentions set during the previous new moon might be coming into fruition. On July 27, 2018, we will experience an even more exciting time as it will also be the day of the longest total lunar eclipse of the century! It is predicted that as the Earth becomes positioned between the sun and moon, it will bend the light of the sun onto the moon which will give it a red-ish tent, hence the name “Blood Moon”.

As the people of ancient times recognized July as the month during which the male deer antlers would begin to show, its full moon has been dubbed the “Buck Moon.”

On a personal note, full moons are always exciting as, in my spiritual practice, it is a time of amplified energy. It is perfect for expressing gratitude and transmuting vibrations for my greater good. Typically, full moons gets flack for bringing out the worst in people but that is only true when people are unaware or unskilled in harnessing the abundant energy in the air. This moon is particularly special as it falls on my husband’s birthday! I won’t even get on how awesome it is that he is turning 29 which equals 11 in numerology, indicating a time of newness and leadership – towards which he admitted to already feeling more inclined …okay, so I guess I couldn’t help but mention it (lol).

I also find significance in the color red as it represents love and friendship. We have already made plans to make good use of this energy by him setting intention for this new life chapter, as well as spending time with each other and a friend with whom we have just reunited with. I think it is special how that has happened just in time. This moon is in Aquarius, giving us all the “save the world” vibes which is great, too. However, I’m considering the second Mercury retrograde this year is occurring simultaneously so I’m also exercising caution.

In addition to this, a magick bath is in order. July 2018 has been particularly trying for me on all levels. Between work and family, I was surrounded by drama. My depression reared its ugly head and I was struggling to stay spiritually attuned. Luckily for me, I was able to realize there was a reason for these obstacles so I sought to deal with my demons and overcome. I finally made it over the hump and could use a cleanse for going into a new month and energetic space.

I’m ready for the next phase.

Sister, Has Our Season Ended?

I have recently found myself thinking a lot about friendships; ones of the past, ones of the present. It’s interesting how life seems to almost throw people into our lives at some points only to ripped them away from us later. Of course, all things have seasons, some lasting longer than others and some more pleasant. However, this thought provoked the question: how do you know when the season has ended?

One of my mentors shared a story with me recently of how a spirit guide came to him in a dream and told him, “It is time for you leave this place.” In the dream, he found himself in saloon of a different time period and after further dialogue he learned that “you” was not just for him but for his significant other at the time who was also present in the dream. The other events of the dream helped him realize the “place” was the season of this romantic relationship and when he awoke, the events that followed proved the dream to be prophetic as both parties agreed that it was time to move on. Unfortunately, I have not yet reached a place in my journey where I recognize my spirit guides so much so that I notice them in my dreams to forewarn me about the end of a relationships. Instead, I am wrestling with how to handle the possible ending of one, essentially, on my own.

Over the last six months, I find myself conflicted with my thoughts and feelings regarding a friend who back-burner-ed me when a new man came into her life. Actually, it was a man who was in her life before and had proven himself unworthy for her on a number of occasions. In addition to this, she created a hostile work environment for a mutual friend of ours over a misunderstanding. This mutual friend has already been in the hospital several times due to excessive stress that has lead to heart and blood pressure complications of which our friend was well aware. She has since spoken to me a guilt-filled “hello” which  lead to a “we need to talk” from me.  It seems she is expecting that I reach out to her next, but I process this as an absurd request. Of course, I welcome any conversation to clear the air but I do feel the need to see a real effort made for it. For the most part, I am pretty forgiving but there are some fouls committed that make you wonder if a person was ever really a friend. If they were, has the season come to an end?

The spiritual side of me takes into account that we all make mistakes. We do and say terrible things that we cannot take back and we must eventually lie in the beds we make. However, while forgiveness is more for the individual doing the forgiving- which I have done – how obligated are we, as friends of perpetrators, to accept them back into our lives? And if we choose not to, are we less of a friend for no longer accepting them? In our case, I want nothing more than for her to see her wrongs, apologize for them and to grow from them. I doubt the trust of our friendship would ever return to the level of its peak but some form of restoration is desired and maybe we both could grow from that. Of course, the fizzle may fade as we wait on each other to make the next move, but in that case I suppose we would know for sure that our time is up.