New Moon, New Mind: May 2018

I decided to wait a few days before writing about this as I wanted to gather my own research data as to what people are experiencing. Sun and moon energy has a tendency to linger, having affects that can last days or more. In this case, we just recently experienced a pretty significant shift. The moon and Uranus are now in Taurus.

Moons in Taurus means a heightened focus on material needs and self-gratification. New moons already rise as a motivator towards new beginnings or the closing of chapters that no longer serve us. Particularly, with a new moon in Taurus, people may be experiencing a stronger draw to fleshly desires such as food cravings, sex and sensuality, financial stability and luxurious comforts. Don’t feel too guilty if you are feeling more selfish than usual, however, Uranus is governed by matters of the mind. So, while our focus on material matters is not necessarily a bad thing, there are few things to pay attention to.


The Taurus zodiac is symbolized by the stubborn bull and since we have entered into a time of fresh starts, there are a couple of messages the cosmos are trying to reveal. If you are already over-indulging, you may feel something forcing you to take notice of this so that you may seek balance. However, if you are denying your Self something important, you may find that you are being forced to take better care.  I’ve noticed that a few people I know have been feeling unusually exhausted, myself included. These are also people I consider huge goers and doers. They tend use every inch of time to either be productive and/or take part in entertainment (in spite of the warnings from loved ones to relax). I’m willing to bet we are being guided to slow down and recharge which is important for holistic well-being.

Although this Uranus and Taurus cosmic combo may be trying to show us something about ourselves, the new moon give us an opportunity to set intentions for how we want to be and what we want to change. The exact day of a new moon’s emergence is best for setting these goals but there is still time before the following full moon.

Happy intention setting! Namaste.