Captivated Living

I’m one of those people who can watch the same movie a billion times and feel the emotions of the scenes like it were my first. When I dine, I savor every bite as if it were the last on my plate. I love to listen to music I can feel in my soul lyrically and musically. I have a passion for experiencing the depth of everything that occurs around me.

It’s easy to forget to sink into the details of enjoyment in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day. Many of us overlook the journey in pursuit of the end-goal. We allow ourselves to become engulfed in sorrow and responsibility other than being captivated by all the wonder this life has to offer.

One of the movies I tend to watch repeatedly is Collateral Beauty starring Will Smith. In the film, the character played by the fabulous Helen Mirren warns a woman to not miss the collateral beauty in the midst of the dread of losing her daughter. Needless to say, it’s a perplexing statement to make to someone with a dying young child. What beauty could there be in such loss? I won’t ruin the film, but it turned out to be much.


While I’ve never lost a child, I have experienced loss and even in that I was able to find myself pleasantly captivated by what resulted. Funerals can be quite beautiful – people coming together celebrating the life of a loved one. One could even find benefit in abandonment as many who are tend to learn a great deal of independence and self-love from that type of loss. In the losing of material things, we are often forced to learn the importance of companionship. In the process of dying, there are many who learn to enjoy life that much more.

In the end, it’s a choice to live on this level. I do my best to remember to choose it everyday.


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Awkward Aries: Misunderstood

It took me a long to realize why I find myself to be so awkward but I eventually boiled it down to one word: Fear. I experience fear all the time. As much as I love to jump into things, I fear of making the wrong choices because once I do I’ll feel obligated to run with it. As a semi-perfectionist, I fear that I will fail as a leader and put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best. I fear that my honesty will unintentionally hurt others and my truth will be misunderstood as hateful criticism. I fear opening up and having my concerns and beliefs take for petty complaints (yes, I have actually experienced these). I’ve been told my problems would be solved if I care less but I’m not entirely sure how to do that without not caring at all.

I get what they mean. When one cares too much, cares turns into concern which breeds anxiety around whatever it is an individual cares about. That anxiety is the root of the fear I experience. In constant conflict with who I am naturally, as a person, a woman, and an individual born atop the zodiac calendar, there is a constant struggle in deciphering when it’s okay to exert energy and when it’s time to fall back. Unfortunately, as a fire sign already prone to extremes, my exertion is sometimes taken as overly aggressive and my withdrawal is often mistook for being uppity – a rock and hard place.


Honestly, I’ve gotten a bit used to it in my casual social circumstances but it is particularly frustrating in professional settings in which it’s imperative people understand you as you mean them to. As of now, I find it best to be perceived as mostly quiet but a go-getter in my performance. It’s a bit harder to make friends out of co-workers this way but I do okay to get along. I’ve accepted it.

Even more, I’ve accepted that I will always be at risk of being misunderstood. I’m complicated and I do not expect less complex people to relate to me. I never expect to be popular. I don’t even expect to be well-liked. I just make certain to show the respect I want from others because the truth is I don’t always understand other people either. Coming to this realization about myself, I also see that everyone must feel this way at one point or another – even the less awkward, well-liked, popular people.

I figure the more comfortable I am with me, the more likely I will attract others like me. In time, I hope to build a tribe of other complex-minded, mistaken individuals who are hoping to find spaces in which they are allowed to be vulnerable. If you are out there, just know you are not alone.