Emergence: Blue Moon in March 2018

Only three months in, this years has been astrologically eventful. In January, we experienced two full moons. On March 22 greeted us with the first Mercury retrograde of the year and closely following is the second blue moon of the year. This is an interesting sequence of events both scientifically and spiritually.

It is not very common to witness blue moons in such a short period of time, especially considering that the next is not due until Halloween 2020. I also find significance in the fact we had witnessed a total solar eclipse and a partial lunar eclipse just August of last year – amazing considering total solar eclipses as epic as the one 2017 tend to happen only once every hundred years or so. My, the sky has been busy!

From spiritual perspective, everything is connected and there is a lot of shifting and important matters coming to the forefront. Since the total solar eclipse, I have been experience a peeling back of shielding, so to speak. The defenses I’ve been so used to keeping for safety have been chipping away and like a caterpillar turned into a butterfly I feel I’m breaking out of my shell.


As we entered Aries season, I found myself somehow measuring the comfort of the cocoon against the freedom of flight. When the retrograde reared its head, old traumas I thought I had worked through began to bubble up and to remind me of what I have yet to properly deal with; the things that make the cocoon attractive.

Now, as we approach the second full moon of the month which will be in Libra (the first being in Virgo), I feel myself moving out of reserve mode and shifting into business and love mode. I’m feeling more energetic and focused on what needs to be done in terms of health, ronance, and work. I sense this is a time to take what we should have learned from the retrograde and put it into action whilst keeping balance in mind.

For me, I know it means it’s time to start spreading my wings again, but this time going forth more beautiful and more free.