Is “The One” Really Out There?

If your childhood looked anything like mine, you probably watched a lot of Disney films, various other cartoons and movies, and had a mom or grandmother with a monthly subscription for Harlequin romance novels. I cannot personally attest to how things were before, but the 90’s pushed a lot of feel good content our way, including the notion of The One. The idea is that we are supposed to find that It person, the one who would fulfill every need and desire that a significant other would. They’d be the perfect spouse, the perfect co-parent, be extraordinarily good-looking and share all the same interests and beliefs. I think it’s safe to assume that by 30, most of us know this is an unrealistic goal. However, that does not mean The One does not exist but perhaps the definition should be somewhat altered.

When I stumbled across The One, I had no idea he was The One. In fact, our relationship began very quickly and and just as quickly turned a bit messy and dramatic. We had different beliefs and our similarities seemed few. Somehow, we found ourselves drawn to each other in spite of the messiness and uncertainty. Our differences became our strengths together and our varying beliefs eventually helped us achieve balance and spiritual growth. The messiness became smoothed out and cleaned up by what we allowed ourselves to learn form each other over time. Our union was unconventional, still is any some ways and there’s no one else I’d rather live this crazy life with. He is the one, because we worked at being that for each other. It did not play out like a fairy tale but I’m glad at how it played out.


My advice to anyone still looking for their one is to be careful not to overlook them by focusing on a list of qualities and possessions. Your one my not have it all together or like everything you’re in to. They may not even share religious views. They will, however, treat you like you are their favorite person. They will go our of their way for your happiness. They will better themselves as it betters you. They will show unconditional love even when you appear unlovable. They will be a reflection of you in the ways that really count. A fancy car or hefty bank account would only be bonus. There’s a catch, though.

The catch is the Law of Attraction. You are most likely to pull towards you what you exude. If you’re coming up short in the love department, it’s possible there is something the Universe is trying to teach you. Before you can find The One (or The One finds you), you must first work on being The One. I know I’m guilty of demanding something that I was not putting forth myself, it got me plenty of heartache and frustration. If  you get nothing else from this, know that true love start with you. Namaste.


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