The Power of Feminine Energy

Girls don’t get along. At least that’s what we’re taught by television shows and Worldstar videos. It seems like an age-old understanding that women are either excessively docile or argumentative. We supposedly have the tendency to be combative with other women and if we have not clashed with another yet, we will. In my experience, women can be possessive and even competitive but not necessarily in an unhealthy way. In the best situations, there is no competition at all, but genuine connection and empowerment.

I recently had the pleasure of attending the birthday event of one of my massage therapy school classmates. She turned 30 and wanted to celebrate by surrounding herself with a group of strong and positive women who would send her off into a new decade with love and pieces of wisdom. I admit, as an introvert and a bit of a tomboy, I was nervous but excited about the possibilities for how this event would play out. To my surprise, I was comfortable upon arrival and it lasted throughout the evening. The energy remained bright and welcoming and I got to know a few of the ladies more personally. I even shared a bit of myself in a way I would usually feel too awkward to. I didn’t want the night to end but the good vibes even carried over to the next morning. I woke up in great spirits after getting some of the best sleep of the year. Soon after waking, I had somewhat of an epiphany about the importance of feminine energy.

Femininity has, sadly, been misrepresented and misunderstood by Western society. Our culture is highly patriarchal which has had long-lasting repercussions for both men and women. Women have been forced to compete for male attention since we outnumber them approximately 4 to 1. We’ve been forced to transcend stereotypes of being lesser and to learn how to function amidst sexual predation which has, in many cases, made us more defensive. However, in spite of the odds, women are continuing to rise up more and more to change how we are viewed by the world and by each other.

Women are spectacular beings! So much so that our drama between each other can create  millions of dollars for television networks. On the flip side, we can incubate life, raise and nurture families. We can even begin movements that can change the awareness, and sometimes even the hearts, of men. We are necessary for creation and balance. Even though our demands for respect and understanding are often met with backlash, such is the case with any young movement, we have still managed to rise above it. Imagine if every woman fully embraced her feminine power, how great the impact would it be on those around her. Collectively, we could literally change the world. Namaste!

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