Three Ways Your Online Presence Indicates You’re Not Ready for a Relationship

If you spend a good amount of time on social media you will more than likely come across a significant number of posts romantic in nature. Maybe some of your online friends are yearning for relationships or expressing their feelings about a bitter break-up or negative thoughts about the opposite sex (or whoever they’re in to). Often these people will go into great detail about their romantic status or current opinions about love be it good or bad. They may even attack a dating pool they find at fault for why relationships fail. In truth, I’ve always found these posts cringe-worthy and not just because of the intimate oversharing. The unconscious subtext of these posts tend to tell a great deal about the maturity level of the author which appears unsuitable for the committed relationship they so desperately seem to desire. Here’s why:

1. Lack of discretion.

No relationship is perfect under the best circumstances. When private matters are publicised there is an added stress factor that many relationships do not survive, as we’ve seen time again with celebrities. While we all are free to choose how to manage our lives in any aspect, whenever we present divisive details to outsiders, we open the door for interjection and interference. These outside opinions influence us and may even trigger thoughts and feelings that don’t allow us to properly heal and forgive the mistakes of our lovers or even ourselves. These types of posts may also be misrepresenting us to potential partners. You may be shooting yourself in the foot by revealing so much before someone really gets to know you. These outbursts can be a turn-off or a set up for the exact opposite of what you want.

2. Lack of mindfulness.

The Law of Attraction tells us that if we do not make room for what we want it is less likely to come to us. The same goes for romance. Although no two relationships are the same, all romantic partnerships require a certain level of discipline to function well. If your online presence is primarily composed of your weekly club hopping ventures and drug money stash, you may not attract that wholesome partner seeking loyalty and companionship. On the flip side, if you’re the type to emphasize your loneliness, you will likely attract someone who will prey on victim behavior and take advantage of you.

3. Not taking accountability.

The most common posts I run into are often the type that points fingers. Whenever we experience more than one disappointment of a similar sort, we tend to want to blame those who disappointed us and not ourselves. Indeed, others may have some responsibility in whatever may have gone wrong; however, it is wise to take responsibility for the parts we play in the experience of others and our own. We must keep in mind that we chose our lovers, we chose what we put up with and how long we put up with it. From this, we can grow and bring what we’ve learned to our next relationships.

In a nutshell, whatever messages you are putting out into the Universe, you are receiving a response for it. The same rules apply for the internet and romantic attractions. If it seems you’re not attracting what you claim to desire, chances are it’s time for some introspection and a revamping of how you present yourself. You might be surprised at how much of your happenstances are a reflection of you. Namaste!

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