For a long time, I didn’t feel at home in my own body. I felt more betrayed by its inability to measure up to the long list of demands imposed on it. Even in my attempts to wind down, rest seemed nearly impossible for extended periods of time and discomfort was a constant companion. As I sought solutions, I couldn’t help but notice how many of my family, friends and surrounding members of my community were suffering through similar experiences. Even scarier than that, it was wildly normalized and embedded into our expectations of what life has to offer.

Inspired to change things for myself and future generations, I set out to begin a process of self-study. I learned about the depth of our innate healing intelligence and how this has been masked by our complex trauma experiences. Amazed at the wisdom and effectiveness of various holistic healing techniques, I began to eagerly work on my personal health and well-being. This activated my desire to pursue a yoga practice and eventually earn my teacher certification as well as receive training in bodywork and energy therapies.

Through these modalities, I have been able to dive more deeply into my sense of self and tap into healing power that has completely changed my life. Since then, self-care has become a foundational practice of self-love and spiritual elevation to support me as I encounter the stressors of life and continue the work of undoing the harm brought on by an oppressive social structure.

The purpose of this blog is to share knowledge and tools for others to do the same for themselves with hopes of contributing to the positive change in the world. All within the understanding that the work we do on ourselves can have a huge impact on the collective.

We are each a significant drop in this vast ocean.


Therapeutic massage is a skilled form of touch that can help restore balance and relaxation in the mind and body. I use an intuitive approach in applying various bodywork techniques to nurture the client’s trouble areas.


Energy healing addresses the electric energy that runs through and radiates from the body. I use an integration of Reiki, Pranic Healing and sound therapy to influence the energy fields of the clients fields to promote vitality and well-being.


On a deep spiritual level, yoga allows us to practice and embody “Oneness”, the understanding that everyone and everything exists in relationship to each other. Reconnect with the True Essence of Being through breath, movement and meditation exercises.


Come join the conversation and let’s explore various aspects of the human experience together! I’ll be interviewing interesting people from different walks of life and sharing my own story as we dig into the infinite and multifaceted complexities of our wonderous existence.


We are a team of wellness facilitators based in St. Louis who gather to support people all over the world to help them achieve their wellness goals. We orchestrate local and virtual community events to bring a variety of services and workshops meant to uplift and encourage participation in positive social change.